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A breath of fresh air

Enjoy all the benefits of combining the best foliage plants, the skill and experience of the dedicated team of professionals at eplantsonline, ready, willing and able to listen, to advise, to demonstrate and to act efficiently and promptly to bring you and your clients exactly what you expect — best practice.

Relax in the knowledge that eplantsonline will appear on schedule, finish on schedule, leaving no trace behind except the green, healthy presence of living, tenderly-grown foliage plants from our Queensland nursery.

Be assured that eplantsonline will appear with unfailing regularity to maintain your plants display. To water, clean, fertilise, prune, trim, retain their health and best looks until they need replacement. Replacements are at no further cost to you or your client.

Lie back assured that our prices for supply, installation, hire, maintenance, are competitive.


Ezy Maintain

sub irrigation system

For you and your builder this means no need for expensive waterproofing of containers.

EzyMaintain systems do the waterproofing. For you and your client, maintenance is fuss-free and replacement of plants mess-free. Less valuable water is used; plants are watered when they demand it.

EzyMaintain has been in use for nearly twenty beneficial years. Eplantsonline, in several incarnations, has served Melbourne for forty years.

EzyMaintain is the most effective and least expensive "demand-watering" system for indoor plants. It is preferred by an ever-increasing majority of Architects, Designers and Builders and is respected as an important aid to earning Green Star Credits.

Plants Selection

Some plants to choose from

Eplants online suggests you tell us what you would like and we will find it or suggest alternatives in keeping with your space and decor. We strive to satisfy your preferences, your budget and your input.

There is a limit to the choice of plants which will succeed indoors. At eplants online we care about the plants we supply. Generally they are from our Queensland nursery. The care that brought them to maturity will continue after you take delivery of them, with our maintenance service.

We use plants appropriate to the conditions they move into. They will have been gradually adjusted to less than daylight; they will have become accustomed to applied water (all of eplants displays are fitted with Ezy Maintain sub irrigation systems), not seasonal rain; they will be moved from irregular temperatures to unchanging, conditioned air. Our caution results in less replacements and is reflected in competitive prices to your advantage.

Our Dingley Village nursery is equipped to nurture plants grown to order.

lf we have to out-source plants they will be held and maintained until they reach our high standard.

With longer lead times we specialise in contract growing for specific projects. This enables us to condition and prepare plants for transport and successful establishments.

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